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Hi, I am Krish

Krishantha Dinesh

Senior Solution Architect at Virtusa (PVT) Ltd.

• Experienced Technical Solution Architect with 20+ years of experience in several IT positions, mentorship, motivational speaking and immaculate track record in devising strategic transformation initiatives across Business and IT including 5+ years of experience in on site United States as a Solution Architect.
• Enterprise Architect with leadership experience in designing innovative business Skilled in cloud computing, information management, application development, and virtualization. Demonstrated mastery in evaluating requirements for business application integration and service activation.
• Visionary leader with rich technical expertise in Cloud Architecture, Amazon web services (AWS), Enterprise Integration patterns, Microservices, Middleware also Databases such as SQL, NOSQL and operating systems such as Unix and Linux also to automate workflow process; quality testing and server upgrades.
• Able to build high-performing teams and work well with executives to contribute to groundbreaking IT solutions. Possess a powerful combination of pragmatic consulting, software development, and enterprise transformation experience to recommend comprehensive strategy and deliver bottom-line results. Adept in designing and coding, cloud-based solutions, application migrations and Product/Project development lifecycles to deliver high quality deliverables within the constraints of schedule budget and scope.
• Designed and Implemented cloud architectures for companies looking to minimize cost while having the ability to deliver their application in a highly available, scalable and manageable environment using AWS.
• Specialist in design, development, customization, migration, modernization, and implementation of software applications. Proficient in translating business requirements to technical design and architecture, possess, and have strong analytical skills. Expertise in automation, deliverable metrics, and status reporting.
• Successfully managed large IT infrastructure deployments.

Problem Solving


Senior Architect 2020 - Present

RAPID project is a platform to keep the Infor ERP simple and standard solution across the business by adapting quickly to business changes, improving accuracy and reliable the system.
RAPID leverages latest Infor functions and tools to provide better solutions.
Deployment on Amazon Cloud - facilitates a smoother transition to Infor Multi-tenant cloud when ready and it supports better maintainability and improved scalability.

Architect 2020

Modjoul is a data analytics company based in Clemson, South Carolina. USA. they have many tools, platform developed with a goal to bring increased workplace safety to every employee, in every industry, everywhere.
Modjoul mission is to improve the safety record of every company by providing data and actionable insights to eliminate employee injuries from the workplace.With COVID situation they build a new platform with screening application that provides employers control and transparency to help reduce the spread of illness in their facilities. At the center of the platform is a Readiness Score, that when completed by employees, indicates if they are clear.

Policy Wallet (Polixia, USA)
Architect 2017 - 2020

Polixia is changing the way enterprise-grade software for demanding, high-volume financial services environments is built.
Using our innovative event-based, low-code ERP engine, companies can model, build and operate complex business processes integrating consumers, brokers and third parties all on one seamless platform.

WSO2 Consultant (Fidelity, USA)
Architect 2015 - 2017

Fidelity Investments Inc., commonly referred to as Fidelity, earlier as Fidelity Management & Research or FMR, is an American multinational financial services corporation based in Boston, Massachusetts. The company was established in 1946 and is one of the largest asset managers in the world with $4.5 trillion in assets under management as of December 2021 and assets under administration of $11.8 trillion.
As a expert on system integration my responsibility was Proving consultation on WSO2 stack based SOA implementation and later on migrate to microservices from ESB

Connector Development to WSO2 ESB
Lead Consultant - Technology 2013 - 2015

WSO2 ESB provides a centralized ESB architecture and designs their unique WSO2 Enterprise Service Bus from the ground up as the highest performance, lowest footprint and most interoperable service-oriented architecture and integration middleware today.

Web Based Immunization Tracking System
Web Based Immunization Tracking System
Senior Consultant Jan 2012 - Jun 2013

The IT solution suggested with the consultation of Information and Communication Technology Agency (ICTA) has the primary objective of creation of a National Birth and Immunization Registry. This system also will help to implement and monitor mandatory immunization and registration of immunization clinics throughout the country as proposed by the National Immunization Policy. It also simplifies the monitoring and evaluation process of the National Immunization Program and shares data with other institutes in real time.
One of the biggest challenges faced by the Epidemiology Unit while implementing this IT solution for immunization information management is improvement of computer literacy rate among the field level users. This system was designed and implemented that concern in mind.

Biometric Management and verification solution - Department of Labour (EPF)
Biometric Management and verification solution - Department of Labour (EPF)
Senior Software Engineer Oct 2008 - Dec 2008

• Card lifecycle management system for Employees ID card.(2008 Oct-2008 Dec)
• Kiosk integration with the Chip Enables card Biometric capturing Solution.(2008-Sep)
• Data Capturing Software (2008 Aug – 2008 Oct)

CoINS - Complete Inventory Solution for Lanka Sathosa
CoINS - Complete Inventory Solution for Lanka Sathosa
Senior Consultant

Complete inventory solution for Lanka Sathosa. System integrated with Pronto back office system and also CoINS is capable to handle 200+ outlets in island wide with automated price update, two way synchronization, centralize purchasing and all industry standard features including centralize price control.


Virtusa Information Technology and Services

Jul 2013 - Dec 2020, Colombo, Western, Sri Lanka

Virtusa Corporation is a global provider of Digital Business Transformation, Digital Engineering, and Information Technology (IT) outsourcing services that accelerate our clients’ journey to their Digital Future.

Senior Solution Architect - Technology

  • As a highly technical senior solution architect, effectively delivered technical recruiting,training programs, reviews and designs to train junior architects; leveraged strong sense of understanding regarding design high available and enterprise solutions.
  • Designed, developed, and managed web-based high available and high scalable enterprise applications, databases, network accounts, and programs.
  • Served as a mentor and consultant for design practices, client relationship management and effective interactions with client technical team.
  • Performed code review and guidance, managed development work and overseen quality assurance, devOps work along with tracking the progress about the work, blockers and strategic directions.
  • Served as a lead event manager for complex technical programs such as Campus reach, Hackathon etc.
  • Collaborated with business analysts, developers, and technical support teams to define project requirements and specifications
  • Launched complex recovery solutions to safeguard mission-critical data.
  • Translated technical specifications into project scopes of work and product requirements while spearheading design and development of databases and enterprise solutions.
  • Implemented application developments, resolved performance issues, and provided end user training on hardware/software.
RAPID - Senior Solution Architect - Technology

Nov 2020 - Present

Modjoul - Architect - Technology

May 2020 - Nov 2020

Policy wallet (Polixia, USA) - Architect - Technology

April 2017 - May 2020

WSO2 Consultant (Fidelity, USA) - Architect - Technology

Sep 2015 - Mar 2017

ESB Connector Development for WSO2 ESB - Tech Lead

Jul 2013 - Sep 2015

E-W Information Systems Ltd

2008 - 2013, Colombo -03, Western Province

Leading IT System integrator, employing 500+ people. focus to enable business transformation for customers through the innovative use of technology.

PICAS Airport Management Solution - Senior Technical Consultant

2012 - 2013

CoInS – Complete inventory solution for Sathosa - Senior Technical Consultant

2012 - 2012

Web Based Immunization Tracking System for Epidemiology Unit - Senior Consultant

2011 - 2012

Biometric based retirement benefit management solution - Senior Software Engineer

2008 - 2009


eFuel - Software Engineer
Acal Systems Pvt Ltd

2004 - 2007,

  • Award winning first fully automated fuel station in Sri Lanka.

Visiting Lecturer
University Of Colombo

Jan 2020 - Present, Sri Lanka

subject : Hardware integration with enterprise web applications


Visiting Lecturer
Sri Lanka Institute of Information Technology (SLIIT)

Jul 2019 - Present, Sri Lanka

Subject : Dev-ops and cloud for Msc Program

Visiting Lecturer
National Institute of Business Management (NIBM - Sri Lanka)

Jan 2020 - Present, Sri Lanka

Subject : Software Security | Enterprise application development



Master of Science in Information Technology
Diploma in Advanced System Development
Diploma in Unix/ Linux Based System Administration
2001 - 2003
Higher Diploma in Information Technology
2006 - 2007
Diploma in Liferay Development and Administration
Certification on IoT development using IBM® Blumix platform
High School


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Brian Small Krishantha is a genuine person who is passionate about doing things the right way. For the 18 months we worked together, this manifested itself across all of his work - the development he did, and his interactions with business partners. Krish was the consummate team member on our scrum team. He was a teacher and mentor to less experienced developers on our team, not only educating them about the technology he was hired to consult on, but on overall development skills and best practice. He pushed the team to see the big picture and to do the work completely (not just what was obvious or easy). Krish's own work was outstanding. As a developer, he was dependable both for quality and getting things done on time. He always seemed to have an idea for how to solve a problem. He made it seem effortless, but it wasn't that he knew everything (although he knows *a lot*), but it was that he was able to find answers to the problems he was trying to solve - either by researching and learning online, or connecting with other developers who might have insight into solving the problem. His efficiency in working through these types of challenges is one of the keys to his success. As a consultant, Krishantha was fully committed to our company and always acted in its best interest as if he were part of the company himself. Too frequently, this manifested itself as long hours which Krish felt was his professional obligation to his client and which he willingly undertook. He always seemed to be thinking ahead of the rest of the team, looking for opportunities to improve the design, quality or performance of our apis.Working with Krishantha was one of the best professional experiences of my life and I'm very thankful for the opportunity to have worked with him, as well as for everything he contributed to the success of our team and our company.

Brian Small
Director, Scrum Master at Fidelity Charitable

Christian Curry I had the pleasure to work with Krish for approximately 18 months during his time at Fidelity investments. I like to point out that he always took the utmost pride in not only the work he did personally, but the work that the team delivered as a whole. His focus was delivering functionality in a timely manner that was of the highest quality. Given his expertise and background, from a technical standpoint he really took on the role of architect, too. If we did venture into an area that he didn't know well, he took it upon himself to research and learn it. Not only that, but he was an instructor. He would train and onboard new team members helping to ensure they were cross-functional. Krish took it upon himself to rewrite one of our most critical APIs after there were performance issues uncovered. This was done in time to be installed prior to this past election in order to ensure stability in what was projected to be chaotic time. Not only did he complete the development, but he helped with functional and performance testing. These performance metrics allowed us to convince upper management that installing the API was the right choice even though it was only a couple weeks before the election. Krish is a great team member, teacher and a catalyst for driving improvements. I can only hope that I get another opportunity to work with him in the near future.

Christian Curry
Agile Coach at Fidelity Investments

Jackie Shi Krish was a super star and an exceptional tech lead on the “super journey” team. He was one of those rear breed of “full-stack” engineers. Fewer engineers possess his deep knowledge and commitment to take a product from inception, architecting, coding, QA automation, to ultimately production grade software. He was also keen to look for ways to improve efficiency, rather than blindly following status quo. For example, he created a new automated process to run capacity and longevity test, he also automated a thorough validation process for production releases. Krish’s contribution also expands in helping the entire team grow. He is a selfless person who provided tireless training and mentoring to junior and senior developers. Working in a large organization demands high level of emotional maturity, Krish certainly demonstrated his ability to navigate through the layers of corporate maze and collaborate with other teams, he has earned respect from many colleagues. I had the pleasure partnering with him for more than a year as his enterprise architect. I enjoyed many of our technical design sessions when we faced challenges, but we always came away with well-thought solutions. There you have it. Krish is capable and dependable.

Jackie Shi
Vice President, and mobile content delivery platform at Fidelity Investments

Tara Di Iulio Krish is a highly knowledgeable and talented engineering professional and teacher. Altruistic in nature, Krish's greatest strength is in mentoring others. His patience and perseverance applied to "doing the right thing" produce quality, performant code and excellence in delivery. During his time with our team, Krish's influence helped us make tremendous progress in advancing our API skills. Working with Krish is a special opportunity; we will never forget the positive impact he had on all of us.

Tara Di Iulio
Agile Coach (Director, Agile Delivery Practice) at Fidelity Investments

Charlie H. Krishantha is a fantastic Architect with a strong knowledge-base and great communication skills. He is passionate about his work and takes pride in everything he does from execution through team building and leadership. Krishantha drives towards results with a smile on his face and is a joy to work with. I highly recommend Krishantha and hope to work with him again someday soon.

Charlie H.
Senior Product Architect at Polixia

Hafeeza Firthouse Kris proved himself to be a dependable mentor and a teacher and a hard worker with solid technical skills. I was always impressed by Kris' determination to train his mentees and advice them.During the JAVA Bootcamp Training for new recruits, Kris played an instrumental role in starting and growing the training program at Virtusa for JAVA Practice, where technical training was a important source of closing the Skill Gap and a key catalyst for Top Talent Acquisition in the enterprise. Based on survey responses, Training consistently had the highest Net Promoter Score from the trainees. Kris demonstrated a wide array of skills, from building curriculum, delivering courses himself, building a skilled team that he managed, and assembling a a training team with the internal resources. His hard work and achievements were instrumental in the collective success of the JAVA Bootcamp Training programme. His underlying message was always focused on individual growth and in the process taking teams and organizations upward with his passion and persistence, I recommend Kris without reservation to spearhead any effort that calls for an evangelistic personality and an "all in" commitment.

Hafeeza Firthouse
Head of Talent Acquisition

Gihan Maduranga Krishantha is an outstanding professional, having exposure to wide range of technologies and he is able to relate them to customer needs and business opportunities. Excellent leadership skills. Highly motivated with great communication skills and a great person to work with. He is a person who always willing to help others. It was great having him as a colleague.

Gihan Maduranga
Programming Analyst at Canadian Tire Corporation

Ramindu Deshapriya I had the pleasure of reporting to Krishantha during an engagement for a client in the SOA field. His commitment towards completing objectives on time and in the utmost quality always impressed me, and I have learned much from him on the aspects of best practices in software engineering and software design. I would definitely love to work with him again.

Ramindu Deshapriya
Lead Consultant - Healthcare and Life Sciences Technology at Virtusa