Relational resolvers and many more.

NestJS Version 8 Released !!! you can use the same code base however you need to use different libraries . when install dependencies you need to use npm i @nestjs/graphql graphql-tools graphql apollo-server-express@2.x.x instead of how I used in this video. nothing else different. I have added the updated project to GIT

This is a sort of extension for GraphQL Masterclass in this channel. this video explains how to create a production-ready GraphQL service. (except security) However, in order to get a clear understanding either you need to have a clear picture of GraphQL or you need to refer Master course below. I have used NestJS to build this GraphQL service. if you do not have experience with NestJS you can follow my course on that too. stay in touch with Instagram and Facebook if you have any questions you can send them over there or comment here.