Microservices to the Next level | Serverless with typescript

The Serverless Framework is a Node.js-based web framework that is free and open-source. The first framework created for developing apps on the serverless computing platform offered by Amazon as part of Amazon Web Services, AWS Lambda, is called Serverless. At the moment, Serverless applications can be deployed to other providers of function as a service, such as Microsoft Azure with Azure Functions, IBM Bluemix with IBM Cloud Functions based on Apache OpenWhisk, Google Cloud with Google Cloud Functions, Oracle Cloud with Oracle Fn, Kubeless based on Kubernetes, Spotinst, and Webtask by Auth0. An entire back-end made up of hundreds of lambda functions can be used as part of a Serverless app, or it can just just a few lambda functions to complete a few tasks. All available runtimes within the selected cloud provider are supported by serverless.